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Site Construction

At Stega, our professional telecommunications constructors work both in-house and on-site to deliver superior construction, installation and maintenance for Telecommunication sites supported by quality and coordinated service.

We provide our customers with comprehensive planning and seamless coordination for all aspects of resourceful site construction and civil works including:

  • Site Clearing and Leveling
  • Earthworks
  • Tower Grounding
  • Tower Construction & Erection
  • Design of Telecom Towers and Systems.
  • Supply and Installation of fully equipped shelters delivering electricity, air conditioning and security protection
  • Supply and Commissioning of Generators
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of Antennas (FM and or Television, DVB-T)
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of Transmitters (FM Digital and/or Analog and/ or Television e.g. Free to Air & DVB-T)
  • Site Fencing and Protection
  • New (or remodeling) facility planning and construction including acoustical isolation
  • Custom equipment design and fabrication
  • Equipment procurement help
  • A strong working relationship with you, your staff and other contractors
  • Facilities designed for your promotional, programming and revenue goals.
  • Tower work (antenna and transmission line mounting, lighting maintenance)
  • TV studio and transmitter infrastructure installation & repair.


Stega’s one-stop-shop offers a single point of communication ensuring meeting all customer requests on time and within budget.

NATE is the industry leader in tower climber safety. Since 1995, NATE has pursued a culture of safety for the tower erection, service and maintenance industry. Stega is also part of the NATE team. Member of NATE (The National Association of Tower Erectors).Site Construction

Stega also Offers

  • Site Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Maintenance of Lighting
  • Maintenance of Air-conditions
  • Painting Services
  • Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment
  • Re-fueling of generators
  • Tower Inspection
  • 24 hour On Call Service
  • Full Studio and Transmitter Maintenance
  • Tower Work ( Antenna and Transmission Line Mounting, Lighting Maintenance)
  • TV Studio and Transmitter Infrastructure Installation and Repair
  • New (or remodeling) Facility Planning and Construction including Acoustical Isolation