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Outside Broadcast

Since 1994, Stega has developed into one of the largest and well-respected independent OB Companies in Trinidad & Tobago. We maintain a refreshing and dynamic approach to Outside Broadcasting that is endorsed by our most valued client base. Stega is built upon a highly motivated team of professionals who have established a wealth of experience and know-how over many decades. With probably the largest variety of work compared to our competitors, we have unrivalled expertise in delivering the very best for our customers.

Stega provides a one stop shop for outside broadcast needs; we can supply the equipment, setup, and technical operators to any variation and any location.

We have the capability to cover any event. With an impeccable track record in high-quality live productions and over 15 years’ experience, some of the biggest music, sport, political, religious and entertainment events are among our credits. We work with all Trinidad & Tobago’s major broadcasters.

Our experience, expertise and equipment will guarantee the highest quality production no matter what the situation.Outside Broadcast

Broadcast Anything Anywhere

  • Religious Events
  • Carnival Fetes
  • Promotions
  • Sales